Video Monitoring Services


We have several professional video monitoring and virtual guard services available.  We have options ideal for larger environments where threats may be numerous and options for small business owners who may only wish to have a few cameras monitored in specific locations.  We recommend solutions based on each customer’s specific video need.

Remote Video Guard Benefits:

  • Ideal for construction sites, multi-family housing complexes, corporate campuses, car dealerships, schools and more.
  • Proactive deterrent, means intruders are warned before crime is committed
  • Camera agnostic
  • Often requires no or limited hardware on site, if cameras are already in place
  • Efficient and personalized onboarding
  • Uses built in camera analytics or 3’rd party analytics software
  • Eliminates expensive on-site guard services
  • Mitigates the impact of human errors such as guard fatigue and lapses in coverage during rest breaks

How do our Video Guard Services work?


The system will be configured to function during your specified monitoring hours, typically overnight or after business hours. In the event of intrusion detection during these hours, the Remote Guard security system will be activated and deliver pre-recorded or live audio messages to alert and caution intruders.

Threat Identification:

Should an intruder not respond, monitoring agents will utilize cameras and recorded footage to identify the intruder.  If no threat is found, the event will be disregarded as a false alarm.


Upon identification of the intruder and the determination that the individual’s presence is a threat, authorities are promptly and immediately notified. Video Verification and Escalated Events:

  • Ideal for customers that need a “one-app” experience and want their cameras to be fully integrated with their alarm and/or access control system
  • Use cameras and third party cameras using ONVIF or VAPIX
  • Ideal for small/medium businesses and homes with 10 or fewer cameras
  • Ideal for small business customers with multiple retail locations
  • Allows monitoring agents to quickly assess recorded and live feeds and dispatch police based upon camera analytics or alarm system status


How do visual verification and escalated events work?

Allows to send system or camera events to our central station, triggered by either alarm system alarms or video camera analytic events.  If an alarm system is triggered by a door being opened or a motion detector activated, operators can view integrated cameras and make real-time decisions regarding either potential intruders or false alarms.