Residential Security

We bring our commercial grade security and automation equipment into your home to improve the way you manage your busy schedule.  We aren’t DIY, for good reason.  Whether you have a multi million dollar house or a small condo in the city, we have you covered.  Our customers choose us because they want a local security company that can provide top-tier service.

Residential Alarm Systems

Aside from our relentless focus on security, we’re also avid technology enthusiasts. We don’t simply await technological advancements; instead, we actively pursue them, and our customers reap the rewards. Collaborating with top-tier suppliers and technicians, we ensure that we stay one step ahead of potential wrongdoers.

home security camera

Cameras for Home

We only install and service professional-grade cameras – for good reason.  While there are plenty of  DIY cameras on the market from box stores or from online sellers, we believe in a different approach.  While our cameras are more expensive than your typical battery powered wireless camera system, with Chisholm, you will be buying a camera system that will last and more importantly, can be monitored by our central stations in the event of burglaries.

home automation

Our systems are equipped with the potential to incorporate home automation technology as you start expanding your home’s intelligent capabilities. Through our mobile apps, the possibilities for integrating various functionalities with your home become limitless. Your will be able to add smart door locks and garage door openers intelligent lighting, voice assistants and more.

Our customers gain peace of mind knowing their homes and loved ones are safe.

Our security system seamlessly integrate with your home and business via one app. If you have a business, you can easily toggle between your home and business with the same app.

Each system we provide is tailored to the distinctive requirements of your home and is set up by an experienced security specialist. Our systems are commercial-grade, significantly surpassing the security level of typical DIY security setups. We employ sensors equipped with 128-bit AES military-grade encryption.

Starting at just $29.99 per month + installation costs, our monthly home security plans are affordably priced.

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