About Chisholm Security

Jon Kelch started Chisholm Security to serve small businesses and their owners and residences in the Fort Worth area. Jon has a passion for using technology to help people live better lives. Jon and his wife Krystal, son Moses, live south of Benbrook. Chisholm Security was started with the idea that our customers in the Fort Worth area ought to be able to sleep at night knowing their homes and businesses are secure, safe and efficient.

Why Chisholm Security? Jon's great-great grandfather, Francis Marion Willett, was a Texas Ranger in Fort Worth who served in the 1890's on the remnants of the Chisholm Trail. After leaving the Texas Rangers, he went on to start and own one of the first grocery stores in River Oaks. He lived to be almost 100. We named the company Chisholm Security in his honor. While we use different technology than he used in his day, our mission remains the same: to provide peace to the community of Fort Worth Texas.


We believe security systems should be:

  • Easy to use
  • Integrated alarm systems with video and access control
  • Employ the latest technology available
  • Private – keeping data away from big tech
  • Help people sleep better at night

We believe Security Companies should be:

  • Quick to respond to problems
  • Integrate latest technologies
  • Offering honest pricing
  • Based locally
  • Support local law enforcement


Timely service
Only use vetted solutions
Integrated security systems
Relentless focus on reliable solutions
Hand picked technology partners

We serve the entire Fort Worth Area.