Small & Medium Business Security


We specialize in small and medium business security.  We integrate burglar alarms, with world class video and access control for a one-app experience that positively changes the way our customers run their businesses.  Our tools are powerful for  small business franchise owners with multiple locations, who need one consolidated security platform.

  • Text/email notifications in case of late opens/closes
  • Automatic arming/disarming schedules
  • Awareness about mission critical environmental changes
  • Intelligent thermostats that adjust temperature automatically in unoccupied scenarios
  • Implemented access control to monitor and manage employee entry/exit
  • Two backup monitoring stations for redundancy
  • Maintained average response time of 10 seconds
  • Multilingual support for monitoring services
  • Monitoring critical conditions to prevent potential harm or damage
  • Deployed automated, remote-controlled lighting solutions for efficient energy usage
  • Prevention of unauthorized former employees from gaining access
  • Gained insights by recognizing trends in store opening/closing patterns
  • Identification of peak activity periods and in-store foot traffic
  • Single, user-friendly interface instead of managing multiple platforms and apps

Burglar / Intrusion Alarm Systems

We only use the latest in commercial grade security equipment to our customers.  We’ve installed systems in 200,000 sqft buildings and managed multiple installations for single clients in the same day, improving operational efficiencies.  Our redundant monitoring centers, which are UL listed and approved, oversee numerous businesses across the United States, guaranteeing the safety of your business. These monitoring stations adhere to the most stringent security industry standards and are equipped with backup systems.

Video Monitoring

Monitor your business using either wireless or wired cameras. Our video surveillance solutions come equipped with remote access capabilities, allowing you to keep an eye on your business even when you’re not on-site. Access the feed from anywhere with an internet connection on your phone, laptop or tablet.  We also have live and responsive video options to proactively deter crime in real-time.

Access Control

Whether you’re managing a small business with 2 entrances or a larger establishment with 20 access points, our contemporary cloud-based access control solution is at your disposal.


Home builders can benefit from Chisholm Security’s unified platform, which facilitates the integration of smart home solutions to boost new home sales. This platform seamlessly incorporates a range of security and smart home devices. In addition to enhancing sales, Chisholm assists builders in safeguarding their under-construction properties, thereby augmenting defense against burglary and fire risks.

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